Urban Seminars

Regional seminars and workshops are ongoing and continue throughout the United States. Prior and future venues include Malibu, California, Orlando, Florida, Houston, Texas, Washington D.C., Irvine, California, New York, New York, Chicago, Illinois, Norfolk, Virginia, Raleigh, North Carolina, Detroit, Michigan and most other urban cities throughout the country.

Urban Seminars® was formed by Bishop Noel Jones and Scott A. Chaplan, Esq. to meet the needs of faith based leaders, their membership, entrepreneurs and members of the community at large regarding financial, business and legal issues we all face.

Primary topics of focus include financial literacy, home ownership, credit restoration, budgeting, finance, risk mitigation, growth strategies and the preparation of business and life plans as covered in the Vow of Prosperity Series including the first title, "Spiritual Solutions to Financial Freedom®" and the upcoming title scheduled for release in February 2013, "Survive to Thrive™."

Our service provider affiliate, Urban Consulting, was formed contemporaneously to create the vehicle where individuals and organizations in need could deploy the necessary tools from a disparate toolbox in a one call serves all opportunity which would normally transcend affordability for those in need. We at Urban have unparalleled experience in legal, financial and business solutions based upon our extensive backgrounds in law, accounting, finance, real estate, non-profit stewardship, grant writing and fundraising among other skill sets.

Join us for an upcoming seminar. Thank you, and God bless you.